Seventh Heaven


Reasons why you should visit us

Lefkada Island, one of the seven islands in the Ionian Sea, combines lush green mountains with well known sandy light blue beaches. There are many things one can do while visiting the island.

In the capital town of Lefkada Town visitors can enjoy exploring the town by walking through the alleyways, visiting cafes and tavernas, going out at night and visiting the museum. There is also a great pedestrian shopping street where you can find everything you might be looking for.

There are many churches and monasteries worth visiting on the island with the biggest one being the Faneromeni Monastery. Just 5 minutes away from Lefkada town the serene environment of the monastery is the place to visit to see the beautiful buildings, experience the hospitality of the monks and enjoy the breathtaking view over Lefkada town. There even is an area made by the monks where animals like birds and deer are kept.

Except for the amazing beaches that can be reached by car there are also hidden gems that can only be reached by sea. There are organized cruises available to explore Lefkada Island by sea. Visitors can also rent motorboats or sailing boats to enjoy the water and the small islands surrounding Lefkada.

There are many hiking routes on the island to be explored. One of them is the route to the beautiful waterfalls of Nidri. A scenery of rocky mountains covered in greenery and small natural springs with ice cold water.

Agios Ioannis Beach, Milos Beach and Vasili Bay are beaches with the ideal conditions for wind and kite surfing making them the destination for surfers from around the world.

For the daring there is the possibility to go paragliding over the light blue waters of the west coast and land on one of the sandy beaches like Kathisma Beach. On the east coast you can enjoy watersports or even better rent a motorboat in the seaside villages of Ligia and Nidri.

Overall the island of Lefkada has activities available for all ages and preferences, from the most relaxing to the most daring and extreme!